Welcome to my website

I am a professional musician living in Chicago, Illinois

performing and offering instruction on the following instruments:



Resophonic Guitar

5-String Banjo

Tenor (Jazz) Banjo

Steel Guitar


I also write for several music publications and am a regular contributor to DownBeat jazz magazine.

"You're a great player"-Vassar Clements

"You are doing it right"-Norman Blake

"I love your phrasing"-Larry Coryell

"You really know your instrument"-Stacy Phillips

Important News and Dates:


Now Offering On-line Video Lessons Via Skype and iChat!

Private Lessons are now available over the internet in crisp HD quality.

All you need is the Skype or iChat software, a video cam and a high speed internet connection like dsl or cable

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Pete Wernick Jam Classes

I am honored to be one of Pete's certified instructors!

Check back for upcoming jam class dates!

For more information about the Wernick Bluegrass Music Method, click here.

Endorsing Artist for Nechville Banjos!
In June of 2008, Keith signed an artist endorsement contract with Nechville Banjos at the summer NAMM show in Nashville, TN. The Nechville design is revolutionary and offers numerous advantages over the standard banjo. Plus they play and sound truly amazing.
(click to see a photo of Keith with his Nechville Phantom)